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Amorino is a French gelato company based in Orly. The company was established in 2002 by Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi. It has since expanded internationally with locations in Europe, Asia, United States and Mexico.


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Former Employee - Barista says

"One major downside working for Amorino was the lack of care by higher management and carelessness. These two components tinkled down to relations with employees and how business was conducted. During a 3 month span I saw approximately an employee rollover of 16 different persons with a full staff of 13 during the summer (which is the busiest season of the year). This was a strain on the other employees as it caused problems with scheduling and most often the store would be understaffed. Scheduling was another major issue upper management cared less to attend to with detail. During my first 6 months schedules were produced with little care for availability and working times weren't consistent. For example if you weren't in school or at another job you were expected to work any time you were scheduled even if that was 6 hrs between your last shift. Soon after this issue was mended with 'fixed' schedules but with little room for changes to the schedule even at the employee's request. Next management often failed at ordering the correct stock which often left the store with less or more of a product; in turn caused many problems both selling products and stocking shelves for the next order. Lastly new employees were often a burden for seasoned workers because they wouldn't be properly trained for the job. This caused many problems for both the customers and other employees as this resulted in lots of confusion and frustration on the floor."

Associate says

"They treat their employees horribly, they don't pay on time or the right amount, they break all rules and regulations, try to take advantage of workers. The worst part is, there's no communication what so ever, no one tells you they promoted you or demoted you or fired you or suspended you. They also blamed 3 people of stealing when I worked there, and fired them."

Former Employee - Barista says

"I worked at the Amorino in Las Vegas. The franchise owner was very disrespectful to his employees. It was an extremely unprofessional and unsanitary environment. There was a major culture shock being that half of the staff were French. And if you weren't apart of that half, you were talked down to on a daily basis. Not sure how some of the other girls, and myself even lasted there as long as we did. I dreaded my shifts everyday because I knew that I would receive the wrath from the very angry and bossy young man we called the boss. He was also extremely racist. They're very slick about offering management positions as the crew very quickly dwindled down to nothing. You'll find yourself training to be a supervisor, then being treated like a supervisor but not paid as a supervisor. I would like to think that the company as a whole has good intentions. However that was proven wrong when corporate was contacted, and did nothing about it. Pretty much got a "Well speak to your boss about it" response. We never had proper breaks, or received some of our pay stubs. They were unprofessional to say the least. No exaggeration, this took the cake for the worst job I have ever had. I left after a few months. Too much negativity and responsibility for the little pay and it was not worth it at all."

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"Hours are long Owner watches you through CCTV all day and call you when you do something wrong No staff They use agency staff -- 90% of the staff are agency They don't care about you and will fire you in a heartbeat"

Former Employee - Gelato Artist says

"The worst owner I've ever met"

Current Employee - Shop Assistant says

"Shifts managers and staff not trained"

Former Employee - Shop Assistant says

"Overworked for the amount of pay, working around 60-70 hours a week because of a high staff turnover, managers would not care if you had to go to hospital or something personal or serious happened. It is all about how much they can fill their pockets"

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"11 hour shift, 19min break, no sitting, cameras watching you all the time like a criminal. You are forced to join wats app group with constant notifications from staff all over the world to decipher your shifts. Most bizarre! They are taking wages Out for false reasons and Lying about uniform not being returned to them. The contract is questionable. It doesn’t mention the uniform but then if you leave they pretend they can’t find the uniform in their shop so they can make false charges. The HR left me with less than minimum wage by making unlawful deduction of £50 from my wage. The ice cream is not even nice it’s horrible. There’s something very suspicious about a company that has hardly any customers but still running more than one branch?? HR actually do not help or cooperate with refunding wages. They just be rude on the phone and ignore you. They seem to think they are above the law. They still owe me money after 8weeks. I have proof of everything I am saying so I would love to hear from them before I take this to the investigating authorities."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Crazy slavery company. I wouldn't recomended even to my worst enemy."

Current Employee - Sales Assistant says

"- Full-time can be up to 60 hours a week or more - No Benefits - New people are never trained, but are scheduled to cover breaks on their own on their first day. But management will yell at you for leaving them alone, so instead you go without a break but are not paid for this time. - Work alone all morning up to 3 or 4pm - Work until past midnight, and might start at 10am the following morning - Minimum Wage - No free ice-cream (can be fired for this), Staff discount you need permission from office to use (so you need to call the higher-ups every time you want to use the discount) - Schedule will change without you being notified - On your few days off, you will be called in to work - Average shift is 12 hours with a single 30min unpaid break. - Holiday requests will never be replied to - Paid Holidays will be forgotten by HR and never paid."

Préparateur de commandes (Former Employee) says

"Le responsable ma piégé, avec une pierre dans ma glace... Avec des complices..CantineSalaire"

Employé polyvalent (Former Employee) says

"Leurs glaces sont delicieuses, mais à part les -50%sur tout le magasin qu’ils proposent aux employés, y’a aucun avantage. Le travail est stressant de par l’ambiance de l’équipe. Gerer les rushs (ou meme le magazin en general) seraient moins un probleme si on était traités comme des humains. Mais les gens qui sont là depuis longtemps y compris la manager vous traitent comme des chiens et vous hurle dessus ou vous humilie à la moindre erreur. D’ailleurs tout le personnel tournait sans arret, les nouveaux partaient et de nouveaux arrivaient, justement parce que tout le monde demissionait.-50% sur les produitsAmbiance de travail pourrie, team manager et équipe irrespectueuses, conditions de travail angoissante et inhumaine, ne donnent pas de gants pour manipuler la glace"

Gelato Artist (Former Employee) says

"Turnover is insane as they cannot keep staff members in for long. Shifts are absurd and can barely ensure minimum sleep patterns. All stores are micromanaged by the owner and growing from within the company is impossible. Had several seniors who could barely speak English and make a coffee but got the job anyway, God knows why. AVOID."

VENDEUSE/ GELATO ARTIST (Former Employee) says

"Je vous deconseil, les conditions de travail ne sont pas bonne malgrés une bonne équipe et une bonne entente."

General dogsbody (Former Employee) says

"You don't get as much ice cream for your money .as better places like creams . The only rating I can give the store amorino is the staff work their behind the offNoneNone"

Shop Assistant - Part Time (Former Employee) says

"You work a lot and they want things cheap. the italian management is completely unable to solve problems. you work 60 or 65 hours per week. if you choose to do a part time, you'll do full time. please pay attention to the working contract: it's a bad contract with 20 articles. be careful."

Gelato artist (Former Employee) says

"total lack of respect on the part of the boss towards employees and managers who try as best they can to do their best, many hours and work for little, if the boss could hire only robots he would because all that matters is to sell a maximum of ice cream and waffles without worrying about a second of the employees and managers who work hard. terribly disappointed by the lack of common sense.-50% discount all shopLittle rate, no lunch, later hours"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"They don’t pay you your overtime and bonus.Late night shifts and working understaff all the time.No food allowance.No staff meal .No health and safetyNoneReally bad management"

Vendeur (Former Employee) says

"Travaillé pendant 2 ans, aucun respect de la convention collective, j'y ai fait des journée de 12h sans pauses. Le manager te crie dessus toute la journée et te mets la pression. tu dois être disponible à n'importe quel moment même sur tes jours de congés sinon on te le fait payer. Le dirigeant ne rend pas la monnaie juste aux clients juste sous prétexte que la caisse doit être en positif! Les DLC des glaces sont modifiées et changées pour ne pas avoir de pertes. Dur d'y travailler si vous avez une vis personnelle, des valeurs humaines et une conscience. Le salaire =smic. le seul avantage des réduc sur les glacesreduction glacesmanagement inhumain"

Scooper/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"They need to have better communication skills with staff. Also not be so serious, it is a gelato place after all. It should be a fun and happy place to work but some management and shift leads make it almost impossible for the job to be any less than stressful. It’s gelato it shouldn’t be stressful! You especially shouldn’t be getting stressed out by team members."

barista/gelato artist (Current Employee) says

"Good icecream shop with average coffe and very bad comunication in company. We can't even speak about balance of work and live. Happy to quit, valuable experience"

Vendeur (Former Employee) says

"C'est simple : La convention collective de restauration rapide et le code du travail ne semble pas être connue par certains franchisés!!! * pas de pause * pas de jour de repos, Amorino c'est 7/7jours * journées dépassant 12h/jour * on te parle encore moins bien qu'a un chien (les mots "merci" ou "s'il vous plait" ou "bonjour" n'existent pas * changement de planning à la dernière minute * travail très physique * heures supplémentaires jamais payées!!! * travail en coupureS 10h-11h/ 13h-15h/17h30-00H30 = plus de vie * aucune vacances sur 4 ans de CDI !!!! * paiement du salaire tardif et irrégulier * port d'une tenue obligatoire, interdiction pull en plein hiver ! * l'employeur et le responsable se moquent constamment des clients ou de leurs serveurs * même malade avec 39°C de fièvre et à vomir dans l'arrière boutique le patron t'interdit de rentrer chez toi (vive l'hygiène) * d'un côté les procédures d'hygiènes sont très lourdes, et de l'autre, le patron demande de changer les dates de péremptions des glaces * suite à un accident dû à une machine de l'entreprise l'employeur refuse de faire la déclaration d'accident de travail *SMIC *un arrêt de quelques jours de travail ? le patron refuse de transmettre les papiers nécessaires à la sécu pour touché les indemnités arrêt maladie *travail dans le froid *pas de vestiaire *tendinite au poignet pour les débutant car oui faire plus de 1000 glaces par jour ça fait mal au poignet *.... et tant d'autres un point positif??? bon vous saurez faire de jolies glaces en forme de fleur Amorino : L'allégorie desavoir sculpter des glaces en forme de fleurheures supplémentaires non payées (et elles sont nombreuses)"

Vendeur glacier (Current Employee) says

"Pour ma part je déconseille si besoin pour jeune oui cdi ou cdd mais vie de famille et pro impossible"

Responsable de boutique (Former Employee) says

"*AUCUNE ORGANISATION *supérieurs hiérarchiques novices *plannings modifiés et donnés le jour même ( parfois à 2h du matin!!!!!!) *aucune communication *chef de salle (femme) au comportement MEDIOCRE envers le personnel et les clients. ( plusieurs plaintes par jour !!!) *salaire en non adéquation avec le travail fourni *LE PERSONNEL NE RESTE PAS MALHEUREUSEMENT...repas gratuittrop de choses..."

STORE SUPERVISOR (Former Employee) says

"working at this company was great as it was so multicultural i was able to meet and learn so much about the world and enhanced my performance at work."

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Whilst the employees themselves are great, absolutely enjoyed working with the other staff. Management and HR are horrendous. Was promised at least 40-45 hours a week, I received at most 20 hours and at worst 11 hours. Considerable risk of being laid off early, I would strongly avoid Amorino if you just finished school. Worked for two weeks before HR laid me off for overstaffing reasons. Lastly, don't expect proper training sessions. Was dropped straight into the deep end on my first day with the company without any training.Discounts 50% off for yourself, friends and family.Unpredictable schedules, disorganised management. Little Job security"

Shop Assistant (Current Employee) says

"In this job we did absolutely everything, from serving customers, barista, gellato art skills, preparation of hot foods and cold drinks as well, cleaning of staff and customer area, restock of dry goods and ice cream, safe count, closing procedure of the till and deliveries."

Responsable de magasin (Current Employee) says

"Bon travail mais les clients horaire son parfois difficile à gérer avec la vie de familleÉquipeStress et horaire"

vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"superbe expérience professionnelle car de bons produits, une bonne ambiance au sein de l'équipe, lorsque l'on aime être multitâches c'est super mais malheureusement, beaucoup de travail pour peu de reconnaissance : salaire faible et horaires changeant toutes les semaines."

Gelato Artist (Former Employee) says

"The experience I had at Amorino has been one of the best ones I have had lately because it gave me the opportunity to grow a lot of skills in my working experience. I learned how to run a shop independently, I learned how it is like to work with food respecting all the health and safety rules,, being able to use all the different machines in the shop, having a perfect knowledge of the product so I was able to explain it to our customers or making suggestions if required, especially to customers with allergies or intolerance. It also grew my sense of responsibility because I had to work with food, so a very sensible thing, I had to do the cash up on my own, making sure that the check was written correctly and that the money put in the bag to be given to the bank was the exact right amount which was expected. I also had to take care of the key of the shop when opening or closing. This experience also helped me in growing my skills in the sales, in using a till, dealing with both cash and card payments and doing refunds of the items. Last but not least, the best skill that Amorino gave me the chance to grow is the one concerning the customer service, being able to deal with complains and queries, and being able to deal with stress during busy times. It gave me a clear picture of how working in a shop is like and the responsibilities that it includes. Overall I feel myself more confident now in a working environment and with the customer, I am able to run the shop independently keeping it clean, tidy and efficient.Late night shifts"

Absolute joke!! says

"Absolute bullies, they made me wait a month to give me the money I worked very hard for, plus threatening one of my collegues to take £450 from her wage if she refused to close the shop by herself. I had to bring them to Court to attempt to have my money. They are an absolute joke!! Guys,please, never ever ever work for this company!!"